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3 Offers each month

We provide 3 offers per month, 2 offers are planned and are released on the 2nd and 4th week of the month, typically on a Friday. The 3rd offer is a totally random and exclusive drop that could come at any time.

Savings & Preferred Pricing

Once a wine has been selected for offer, we determine how much we will co-fund, typically ranging from 20-40%. Our Partner Retailers also offer member pricing.

Monthly Giveaways

Members are automatically entered into our competitions each and every month. On occassion, members also receive a free gift when shopping with a partner retailer.


Refferal Rewards

Every single person you successfully refer earns you $10 off your next subscription renewal, zero caps,  and extra entries into the monthly giveaways! Those referred receive $5 off! Get referring people!

A message

From The Founder

I started The Cellar Post Instagram page in 2019 after years of following other likeminded wine enthusiasts sharing their experiences with wine. Fast forward 4 years, 1600 posts, and countless interactions it felt like a change was needed, a change centred around translating the ‘perks’ of having one foot in the industry into tangible value for people who have followed my journey. The Cellar Post Wine Club is where I aim to provide real value back to the members in the form of wine, in your glass, ready to drink, co-funded by me, and supplied by my partner retailers.

If you’d like to know more please flick us an email or reach out to myself directly on Instagram @The Cellar Post.

- Ed

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We kindly request that you take note of our age restriction policy. In accordance with legal requirements, this website is exclusively accessible to individuals who are 18 years old or above. Thank you for your understanding and we invite you to explore our platform.